Pemberley of Pemberton is situated in one of Australia's premier cool climate grape growing regions, the Pemberton Wine Region, located 6kms from Pemberton, high on a ridge that supports some of the best grape growing land in Western Australia.

Many of you will have first visited us when you collected you new puppy and found out at the same time how good our wines really are. We do not breed Labradors anymore but we still keep in touch with all the descendants of Sauvignon and the others through the emails and pictures that you send from time to time

The Pemberton region is often referred to as "Karri Country" after its magnificent Karri forests. Supporting these magnificent trees is karri loam a deep, red, fertile soil. The soil is too good and in order to prevent the vines from growing as huge as their famous neighbours, the karri trees, we have to stress the plants using techniques such as minimal or no irrigation and hard pruning.

This results in grapes that are vibrant with flavours and alive with freshness when they are harvested for crushing from late February to late April each year.


Pemberley of Pemberton are proud to use the Genuine Southern Forests Brand


Pemberley first planted Chardonnay and Shiraz grape vines in 1995    

As we grew larger and planted blocks of Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot the contracts for fruit were expanded to include Houghton Wines, Willow Bridge Estate, Devil’s Lair, Sittella, Alkoomi, Goundrey Wines and the Domaines and Vineyards Pemberley Range.

 Pemberley of Pemberton vineyards at present has 70 hectares under full production including: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Pinot Gris, Tinto Cao Vermentino, Shiraz and Merlot


We operate under a HACCP management system and are Freshcare and Entwine -environmental certified in all areas of our horticultural production

Pemberley of Pemberton wines are currently produced at Alkoomi, in Frankland under the direct ion of Andrew Cherry and at Sittella, in the Swan Valley by Colby Quirk

The Pemberley of Pemberton Collection was developed with the intention of using the glorious attractions of the Kimberley region on our labels as a way to attract the attention of the vast tourist market and to encourage the growth of the reputation of Pemberley of Pemberton wines.

The Big Tree Vineyard set up by David Radomiljac was awarded best new vineyard development in the state at the WA Wine Industry Awards in 2005

David Radomiljac is the current holder of the Wines of WA Viticulturalist of the Year Award

Domaines and Vineyards with Robert Bowen continues to produce many more fine and exceptional wines.

The wines form D&V include the gold medal winning Pemberley Sauvignon Blanc, Pemberley Chardonnay, Pemberley Pinot Noir and Pemberley Rose.

In Ray Jordan's 2014 West Australian Wine Guide.  Our winemaker, partner and friend Robert Bowen, was awarded Winemaker of the Year award for his range of wonderful wines that appear under the Pemberley and Robert Bowen labels

Rob also won awards for best Rose, best Chardonnay and Best White Wine and Domaines and Vineyards Pemberley Range was named as Best Small Producer.

In Ray Jordan's 2015 West Australian Wine Guide; the 2013 Pemberley Sauvignon Blanc was awarded Best Sauvignon Blanc (95/100) The Sauvignon Blanc category also includes the 2012 Robert Bowen Sauvignon Blanc and the 2013 Houghton Wisdom Sauvignon Blanc – making 3 very fine wines being acknowledged from the Pemberley vineyards.

The 2013 Pemberley Pinot Noir Rose was awarded Best Rose (95/100).




Pemberley of Pemberton
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